Sunday, May 26, 2013

The First Post

Namaste! Welcome to Apna Indian Blog. You know the current situation of India. Scams, Rapes, Corruption everywhere! We were not like this always. In ancient times, India was worshiped for its knowledge and unity. 'Bird of Gold' was the name given to our land at that time. Although things have changed now and you know well about it. I know every citizen wants a change. But, Waiting for things to happen on their own would not be a good idea. I know there are several platforms where this issue is already being address but what i feel is that things aren't changing in way they should be. Only discussing would issues will not solve anything. Words don't solve problems, Action solve. The motive of this blog is to discuss the issues in our country and find a solution for the same. I know this is not an easy task but with the support of you guys it can be done. So, Get ready for some serious action because time is gonna change. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Thank you. 

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