Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Uttarakhand: Nature vs. Human

You must be well aware of recent floods in Uttarakhand region in India. The cloudburst which led a  Several thousand people lost their lives, More than 50 thousand people have been reported missing, Millions of people lost their homes and entire villages have been wiped. From Uttarkashi to Haridwar, The disaster has left its mark. People have been blaming it as "Act of God". Lets share some thoughts on this.

Victory of God, Failure of human:

Villagers taking out dead-bodies in Rudraprayag

A still from Uttarkashi

Shiv murti was flown away by tides in rishikesh

In schools, we were always taught that nature is our mother and so we have responsibility for our mother. These means we all are children of mother nature. Do you think a mother will try to take life of her child?  You must be thinking if nature is our mother, Why does this vis major has happened?
Well, At this point think of  the things that nature has given to us. Can you imagine living without oxygen for a single minute? The Mother nature does not want us to be dead and unlike human tendency this is not a lame revenge. Its obvious that if you try to strangle anyone,he or she will defend. Lets look at some of the points collected from the internet.

  • There are a total of 11 dams in Uttarakhand.
  • Numerous mining projects, Seven approved in 2011.
  • Deforestation for creation of Tourists spots.
  • Blasts in mountain for creation of highways.
Experts says that Dams are 449% above normal and they were one of the main reasons for the destruction. Trees are meant to hold the soil and control rains. With the shaving of trees, Situation has only gotten worse. It ended up contributing to landslides. Now, i leave it up to you to decide if its the man or nature who is real culprit behind this disaster.

Victory of Human, Failure of Nature:

 local citizens saving people

Indian army rescue Operation 
YPSS members in relief camp 

The Nature does not compete, But the man has the tendency to compete. When the man thinks that he is the creator of this world, Nature teaches him a lesson. The Nature don't want us to compete. It want us to live with peace and unity and when it happens, Nature supports it. The calamity showed the real face of many hypocrites.Politicians were found quarreling for credit. A great salute to Indian army for their quick operation. Also hat off to youth organizations helping in relief camps. Humanity was seen at its best. Its our responsibility to join hands and take the oath to help the victims and live with harmony. With these words, I am ending this post. Your comments are welcomed.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The First Post

Namaste! Welcome to Apna Indian Blog. You know the current situation of India. Scams, Rapes, Corruption everywhere! We were not like this always. In ancient times, India was worshiped for its knowledge and unity. 'Bird of Gold' was the name given to our land at that time. Although things have changed now and you know well about it. I know every citizen wants a change. But, Waiting for things to happen on their own would not be a good idea. I know there are several platforms where this issue is already being address but what i feel is that things aren't changing in way they should be. Only discussing would issues will not solve anything. Words don't solve problems, Action solve. The motive of this blog is to discuss the issues in our country and find a solution for the same. I know this is not an easy task but with the support of you guys it can be done. So, Get ready for some serious action because time is gonna change. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Thank you.